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Frequently asked questions:
  1. Where can I set up my station?
  2. Since it requires no external electrical source or network cable, almost everywhere. On the beach, in the mountains, deep in the forest, etc. You should mount the station and every sensor minimum 1-2 meters below the highest point of the mast/pole/rod. And proper lightning protection is very important! On the other hand close to the terrain the wind can be gusty/turbulent.

  3. Can I access the data from Holfuy on my phone?
  4. Yes, our webpage is mobile friendly! Plus we offer a simple mobile page:
    Android application: Download from Google Play
    iOS application (iPhone/ iPad): Download from iTunes

  5. Can I display my stations data on my webpage/server?
  6. Yes, we have some widget modules >here< (e.g. actual data diagram). We also offer different API's (JSON/CSV/XML) for accessing the selected station's data (the API-s are not open by default).

  7. What happens when a station runs out of charge?
  8. When a station doesn't get enough sunshine it will be discharged and go to Soft Sleep mode, after some sunny days it will automatically wake up from this mode.
    - Soft Sleep mode: The station will only send one life signal package per day (temperature, system power, network signal strength). This state can be sustained with a little sunshine. When the battery is nearly out of charge, the station goes to Deep Sleep mode, to protect the batteries.
    - Deep Sleep mode: The station sends nothing in this mode. It will wake up after some sunny days or after a manual recharge.

  9. How often does a station updates it's measurement data?
  10. The default update interval is 2 minutes, but you can modify it (the minimum is 1 minute). The server generates the averages then.

  11. Can I analyze the archive data of my station?
  12. Yes, please visit your station's Analyst page at the MyStation's menu after login. More info here.

  13. How much data traffic is generated by a station?
  14. Typically less than 10 MegaByte(MB)/month.

  15. What happens if my Holfuy station receives an SMS?
  16. The SMS will be visible at the station's admin page. On request we can forward every SMS messages to your e-mail account.

  17. What kind of warranty do you provide for the stations?
  18. We carefully test every single station before shipping. But we're only human, and occasionally a problem might slip through. The statutory-legal guarantee covers the productions defects of the Holfuy products for a period of one (1) year (24 months for customers in the EU for the station itself, 12 months for the sensors) from the original shipping day (when we sent the station for you). During the warranty period, we will repair/replace the damaged part of the station free of charge. Please note that buyer pays for the return shipping to Hungary. This warranty doesn't cover any damage due lightning, shock accident, physical damages, natural wear.
    Please contact us first if an error occurred. We will help to find the cause of the problem first.

  19. The station's data would be private, is it possible to hide it away from other users?
  20. Yes, it's possible to save your station's data with a password. The private option has an annual fee. More info here.

  21. The graphs don't load, even if I click on them!
  22. Please check if java is enabled in your browser. Otherwise please send us your browser's version and a screenshot about the problem.

  23. What does "Holfuy" mean?
  24. Holfuy is a pun/wordplay. "Hol" means "where", "fuj" means "blows". We changed the "j" to an "y". Finally Holfuy means "Where does the wind blow?".

  25. My question has not been answered here...
  26. Please contact us.

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