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How to set the direction offset

  1. If the arm of your mechanical wind sensor is pointing to North you can skip this step!
  2. Log in at with the station's administrator account.
  3. Click on the MyStations menu.
  4. Click on the 'S' (Settings) button in the station's row.
  5. Measure with a compass to which direction does the wind sensor's mounting arm pointing. This degree will be the direction offset.
  6. Type in the direction offest to the right field at the station's setup page.
  7. Confirm and store the modifications with your account's login password.
  8. After it the direction offset will be added to every new direction measurements. As a result the displayed direction readings will be accurate.
    Please note that the new direction offset setting will take effect only on the new direction readings. It won't modify the older/archive wind direction data.

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