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How to upgrade your station with a rain sensor

Near every Holfuy weather station could be upgraded with a tipping bucket type rain sensor. We sell Pronamic rain sensors with 0.2mm or 1mm resolution at our shop, but the stations are compatible with other tipping bucket type rain sensors on the market also (e.g. Davis 6466).
After this upgrade your station will report live precipitation values. The system will calculate accumulated rain values also (e.g. daily or annual rain).
Tools required:
  1. Cross/Phillips (+) screwdriver
  2. Mini flat-head (-) screwdriver (maximum 2mm wide head) for the green wire terminal of the main board.

  1. Open the station's enclosure.
  2. Turn off your station.
  3. Lead the cable of the rain sensor over an empty cable gland in the station's enclosure, and close the gland properly.
    If there is no empty cable gland and your station has a wind sensor with a flat wire (e.g. Davis), then you can lead the rain sensor's cable into the enclosure over the same cable gland together with the wind sensor's cable.
  4. Connect the wires of the sensor to the screw wire terminal in the right order. Pinout in the -manual-
  5. Contact us to set the right sensor configuration for your station. Without it your new sensor may not work properly.
    Please send us the rain sensor's resolution also (in mm) for proper configuration.
  6. Turn on your station.
  7. Close the station's enclosure with extra care on the proper sealing.
    Please don't forget to plug in the solar cell's red T-connector into the main board.

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